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W69 NightMare Chat Regular's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
W69 NightMare Chat Regular

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VoidWork [14 Jul 2009|10:52am]

A good friend of mine released his first album, which came as a complete surprise to me!

I'd try to categorize it as being gothic soundscapes, and range it with Profane Grace, Raison d' être etc.

Personally, I love it! It's creepy and eery, and set in an asylum, hence the name.

Do me a big favour, and check it out at  http://www.myspace.com/voidwork

Do leave a comment, if you like.
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Kudos to CopyCat!!! [06 Nov 2002|08:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Congrats to CopyCat.... W69's NEW (in a way) Moderator!


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w69 outages [15 Oct 2002|10:37pm]

hey guys, if you didnt get word from Cliff himself or from his LJ, here's the deal about Thursday...

Hi gang. We will be having some server downtime on Thursday morning,
EST. The server is being moved to a new ISP, which is larger, more
stable, and
has a massively larger bandwidth. The old ISP was hit hard by the
slide and was sold to its upstream provider. No email should be lost,
email collection, web access, and the chatroom will be down for a few

Take Care
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just a little warning... [18 Sep 2002|09:13pm]

[ mood | on guard ]

just in case some of you are a bit confused....

this journal is for HTTP://WWW.W69.COM or HTTP://WWW.NYCGOTH.COM chatroom regulars only.

If you have come here to start trouble, you will be removed at the first offense, no questions asked.

I would suggest to those from ahem so-called competing chats to form their own community and act out your little dramas there.

if this becomes a problem, i shall make this a closed community

That is All....

-Community Matrix

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Just a thought... [18 Sep 2002|07:40pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hmm... why are OMG admins and Regs joining our community?

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this is what its all about people! [18 Aug 2002|11:55pm]

[ mood | blah ]

This is my most favorite liquid in the world. This is one of the main reasons that I will never move from my local area. This is the elxir of life, my soma, the one thing that I would walk miles through broken glass for....

besides my fiance of course.Rosenberger's is a local dairy/beverage company that has refreshed me for years. they finally got some sort of website together so that when people in the room hear me go on about Rosey's they know what i'm talking about....

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[18 Aug 2002|12:20pm]
Just saying hello... maybe get some traffic to my loser journal! :-D
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Innocently, I accessed my LJ account... [18 Aug 2002|05:46am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...so there I was scrolling down my friends page when at last I see the announcement of a w69 LJ community. My heart skipped a beat, a momentary widening of the eyes, a gasp of air relenting in a satisfied sigh. I smiled.
Another community to molest, in an up the ass without any lube kind of way.

The wicked truly need no rest.
Nice work Sys. ;)


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Evening ! [18 Aug 2002|12:22am]

Glad to join ! BTW, this is Necr-Ophelia :-)
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hello thar! [18 Aug 2002|03:59am]
this is m.c.e. i hope to post more. you have been warned. click.
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[17 Aug 2002|03:36pm]

yay, Copycat here. just saying hey :D

~ C
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Welcome Chat Peeples! [17 Aug 2002|04:21pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

hey guys this page is for us for whenever we arent in the chatroom....enjoy and please attempt to keep the drama at a minimum...thanks!


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